Can you help?

We are constantly fundraising for our next student exchange trip. If you are able to donate a little spare change then please visit our charity page here. Every penny goes towards flights, accommodation and activities to make sure that these young people are able to broaden out their horizons.

Currently the charity has no paid staff and all Directors work on a voluntary basis. The charity would hugely benefit from the employment of a professional fundraiser on a part time basis. We estimate that £20,000 initially would enable us to make a huge difference to our future viability and sustainability.

In the longer term we are also looking to establish a fund from which grants could be given to applying schools. This would be to fund reciprocal exchange visits for students within global partnership schools, according to certain laid out criteria.

Are you a school interested in joining our exciting journey?

Does your school have a global partner school in a developing country? If so, you will know the huge benefits that such a link can bring to your school and your students. You may well have taken part in partnership projects, such as Connecting Classroom, or taken advantage of Reciprocal Visit funding.

If you have dreamt of being able to take a group of students to meet their peers in your partner school, and vice versa, we may be able to help. Contact us at to find out more.