Here are some excerpts from the wonderful thank you letters written by the 10 students who went on this first trip. We think they demonstrate better than anything else could exactly what we are hoping to achieve with our charity:

"I feel as if you have taught me more than anyone can ever taught me because you have allowed me to have this amazing opportunity to come here and I have learned so much… Words cannot describe how this experience has changed me inside... All those early mornings running to the coach were certainly worth it because of the Magoba children, putting the littlest smiles on their faces brought lots of joy and happiness to me."

"Thank you for this amazing opportunity you have given me. The whole trip has been an emotional roller coaster…. This trip has brought us all together and it’s safe to say that by taking us on this trip you have accomplished you many goals, one being as educators and learners, two - seeing and being the motives behind many changed attitudes and opinions, three - watching us grow into young, formidable, great young women and you should be proud of yourself that you have helped this transition of inexperience to experience, childhood to adulthood."

"I have learned so much from these lovely Magoba students and also seen, learned and understood so much in these 10 days we have spent with each other."

"At first I didn’t really understand how much I would actually take from the trip, but I’ve already learned an overwhelming amount of things. Without you and the help of your charity I wouldn’t have been on this life changing trip… I feel as if I’ve learnt new things about myself and that’s going to help me for the rest of my life. My eyes have been opened to so many things and you’ve given me new aspirations for life. I really feel like I want to pursue a career working for the UN now and helping people like the Magoba students on a much larger scale."

"Amazing is not even the right word to describe what this trip has meant to me and I cannot even begin to tell you how it has changed me as a person… the Magoba students have definitely been teachers to me throughout the whole journey..."

"You... have all changed my life. You have given me inspiration to explore and have opened my eyes to endless opportunities. For me, this is just the start of travelling, the start of experiencing the world. You have... made me realise how curious I am about the world. So anything I do in the future which is similar to this trip is down to you. I have learnt so much about the world, difficult situations and human nature."

"As I described in my poem the distance between me and the rest of the world seems to have shortened. I see myself in a new light and meeting and sharing with people from all walks of life has really broadened my horizons. This experience really opened my eyes to the world and the people in it."

"I can’t put into words how grateful and appreciative I am of being able to come on this trip and experience such a life changing opportunity… You have given me the chance to not only teach other students but you’ve allowed me to learn from others and benefit from others. By you giving me an opportunity to not only travel abroad but to educate and spread my knowledge, you’ve 'Broadened My Horizons' and helped make a difference. You’ve set a foundation in me which will only prosper and grow stronger as I continue to mature and hopefully to carry on your work by incorporating what I’ve learned on this trip into my daily school life back at EGA."

"I am really happy I got to see first-hand the way the education system works here. From this trip I have learned a great deal about appreciation… Your charity’s aim is wonderful and I hope from this trip that ‘BOTH’ gets more publicity to fund various trips that will Broaden People’s Horizons."

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