Today we said goodbye to our dear Magoba friends and colleagues.

We could not believe the time has passed so quickly.

The morning was spent finishing our tree mural and making final preparations for the farewell celebration. Ten students from across the school placed a handprint on our coral tree to represent the students of Magoba, closely alongside the handprints of EGA girls, representing all students at EGA. The final result was a warm welcome for students as they arrive at school each morning to remind them of our time shared long after our departure. Our girls also gave out their gifts of shirts, shoes and school bags to students who needed something to make their journey to school that bit easier.


In the afternoon, the school assembled to say goodbye to us. During the farewell celebration, we heard inspirational speeches from people across the Magoba community; teachers, community leaders and students who showed heartfelt appreciation for the link between our schools. Ms Quinn was even interviewed for the local radio station! We saw some wonderful traditional performances and were given gifts to bring back to London. EGA girls read poems, shared some drama and spoke about the bond between us and the Magoba students. Ms Quinn spoke passionately about the values of BOTH and the legacy of our visit. It was a fantastic afternoon that everyone involved in will always remember, particularly the choir performance that could be heard across the plains surrounding Magoba.


It was then time to say goodbye - a very emotional time for everyone involved in these ten life-changing days. As we said goodbye to new friends, we all knew something wonderful had taken place. We felt that through sharing this experience, the distances between us were somewhat shorter and that ultimately, we all share the same values - no matter the circumstances. We are all looking forward to the next time we can share such an experience with our Magoba friends.

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