A very busy day today - our last full day of teaching and preparing for tomorrow's farewell performance. Sahra and Hannah have written poems about their experience whilst Nadia, Afia and Aaliyah started work on our mural on the school gates to welcome Magoba students to school for years to come.

We are painting a "Coral Tree", a tree that stands prominently in front of the school overlooking the plains and the students' homes. The tree has been adopted as a symbol of our time at Magoba.


Also, Ms Howe gave Magoba teachers a lesson in First Aid so they can help their students if need be.

Everyone is feeling very emotional about our last day with the students tomorrow.

On Magoba Hilltop, 2014

We are indeed the same
Yet the only things that parts us are the
World's time
Our dreams are identical and we are like minded
Different worlds and walks of life come together for a cherished experience both shall remember
From dawn to dusk when there is time to spare
We gather on hilltops, we sing and we share
Our knowledge
Our wisdom
Our songs and advice
Little things, big things - anything nice
The distance closes and time slows
Waves of happiness hit us
A gentle breeze blows
A sense of warmth spreads from head to toe
Our horizons shattered like glass
It is then, my friend that we come to know

Sahra Warsame

The Journey

The journey to school is long at dawn
The hill is steep, the sunshine warm
When we meet the song begins
The collection of children with dreams to share
The night is cold – It's where we open our eyes
The journey back is where we divide
We come together as friends -  learners too
Magoba and EGA we are One Crew
Hannah Basic

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