There is much to be proud of about EGA girls, having thought about what was achieved at Magoba Junior School yesterday.

We saw confidence.

We saw creativity.

We saw resilience.

We saw tenacity.

The girls taught the whole day with energy and enthusiasm.

It is no easy feat for an experienced teacher to deliver lessons to mixed ability classes. However, the challenge of teaching mixed ability classes of up to 90 students is much greater. It became apparent in the first lesson that many learners at Magoba had limited understanding of English. Those students who were in charge of teaching art, drama, maths, music and creative writing had to quickly adapt their lessons on the spot. There were lots of reflective conversations going on during lunch time and between lessons. It was fascinating to eavesdrop on the thought processes and personal realisation throughout the day.

As for today, we headed back to Ntafufu Senior School. It was a successful and enjoyable day. Students in Grade 10 classes were taught a variety of the planned lessons outside, new experiences for all.  Much fun and laughter was had and new friendships formed. We look forward to returning on Monday to continue our learning journey together.

Lunch time

Students read in groups before choosing one scene from the book to act out. 

This is their first ever recorder lesson. Grade 10 students were able to pick up the basic technique after a short practice session.

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