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Yesterday it was our privilege to make a visit to the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha with twelve students from Ntafufu Senior Secondary School. We all had a general idea of Nelson Mandela and what he achieved but learning about him in depth was an interesting experience for all students. There were several points in which we were overwhelmed when learning about the hardship he had to endure, but his story of overcoming struggles and remaining resilient in achieving his goals was inspiring to everyone.

It was heartwarming to share this experience with the other students as you saw the pride on their faces. The tour continued in Qunu, where we saw the remains of his home and school. This allowed us to really understand where he came from. A beautiful end to the trip was when students from both schools represented their cultural heritage through singing, a method that the tour guide said was used for communication when Mandela was in prison. To be honest, they were much better vocalists but nevertheless we all enjoyed participating.

This was a memorable experience for several reasons; we had the chance to explore how one person can make such an everlasting impact and what was greater about this is that we got to share this with young people from a completely different culture and country, which is something we will never forget.

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