Early on Wednesday 18th February we went to Heathrow to meet the group of 10 learners and 3 teachers from Magoba JSS. They arrived looking tired, but very relieved to be here after a terrible flight with storms, hail and lightening during the night! For most in the group it was their first experience of flying. One of the learners wrote this in her memory book about the flight:

'The plane arrived and we all went into the plane. When you enter it you have to show your card with the number of the seat…. There were TV on our plane at the back of the chair so that you can watch whatever you want to. The plane kept on going high and higher up until it reached the force of gravity. We looked down... Everything looked like it had been drawn, it’s too small, beautiful to look at. On top of ocean, mountains, rivers etc.'

Another wrote:

'It was my first trip to travel with plane. At first I was scared, but then I get used to it. It was a long trip….. I fall asleep … until I woke up in the morning and arrived in London, I was so happy it was like a dream come true.'

Another wrote:

'We went to the airport which took us to Joburg. It was my first time to see an aeroplane and to get in it. I was so afraid when the plane started to fly, I thought it would fall with us but my teacher said that will never happen. We arrived in London and Miss Quinn and Miss Martha was waiting for us. I was so happy to arrive in London safe.'


We took the group back to EGA for breakfast and to be welcomed by the EGA students and their host families. One of the learners wrote:

'We went to school and there was lots of food, drinks and they gave us bags containing diary, pen camera, album, oyster card and map of London. Then we sang a song that made me remember South Africa.'


The rest of the day was spent settling in and then in the evening the group was treated to a family meal at the house of one of the EGA girls.

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