The Magoba group's first full day in London was one packed with new experiences. First off - the tube! All enjoyed the escalators and the strange tunnels with the very fast moving trains.


At Victoria we boarded a Golden Tour open topped bus. One of the learners wrote in her memory book: 'It was cold but I was so excited because I wanted to learn so much in London. On our way we saw a house where the Queen lives and a statue that was Mandela’s. We saw a person who was wearing gold clothes and black tackies, holding a stick in his hand and I liked him very much.


The group enjoyed seeing the sights of central London although the traffic was truly terrible and we had to abandon some of the tour in order to make our next appointment with Big Hero 6 at the London BFI IMAX.

3d glasses and a huge screen - more firsts for the Magoba visitors and their giggles and squeals of laughter during the movie proved how much they enjoyed it.

On to the London Eye where, unhindered by the rain, we all managed to admire the view over the city and our visitors particularly appreciated getting an overview of this huge city and finding out more information from the interactive computer in the pod.


In one of the learners' memory books their experience so far was summed up:

‘it was the first time I travelled by plane. And was the first time I go to London. That was make me enjoy. …. We went to train station and we travelled by a train. It was very fast. It was the first time I travelled by a train. … We went to the London Eye. It is beautiful. It is a circle that moves in water.'

Finally a trip to Chinatown for first tasting of Chinese food on this important day in the Chinese calendar!


One of the learners summed up their day like this: 'Did a bus tour we also saw Nelson Mandela’s statue and Abraham’s statue. We saw the South African house and a parliament. We rode a train, it took us in Angel. We saw big buildings, some of them had points on top and clocks. Then we went to the cinema. After that we went to see the London Eye which was a very interesting thing to see. We saw Chinese decoration and watched the things they do on the New Year’s Eve. We also went to see where the Queen of Britain lives that place is called a palace! It’s very cold there.'

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