Early on Wednesday morning 11 learners and 3 teachers from Ntafufu Senior Secondary School touched down at Heathrow, Terminal 2.  After months of preparation, they were finally here!  Tired after nearly 24 hours of travelling, but excited and looking forward to their time in London.  After a welcome at EGA School the weary travellers went to rest with their host families and recharge their batteries for the days to come. 

For all of the learners it was the first time getting on a plane, not to mention travelling overseas. Sisanda one of the Ntafufu wrote in her diary, "Today is the first day of my life being on a plane and  it was so good even though it was frightening. This was the best day of my life, I never thought I, Sisanda, could be flying after all she has been through. When I looked out the window the houses were looking very tiny. It was nice even though I was scared."

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