On Monday the group had their first introduction to EGA school proper - with all the students there!

The group were welcomed in a special assembly and spent the morning touring the school and then experiencing lessons themselves.


Some of the students wrote:

'We woke up and took a bath and had a breakfast and went to school, we say many people at the school and they are all kind and pretty and Miss Mila gave us dual colour pens, books and we thanked her like crazy. I am happy of what they are doing for us and I wish I would thank them with all my heart.'

'We went to assembly. It was nice. B share a poem with us that is called Our dreams. Then Y, S, S, B share a poem with us that was about South Africa. Then we sang a South African National Anthem. Then we went to the classes to attend them. I was go with A and L to A’s class. Her first period was maths. We calculated Maths. The second period was Science. Then we went to got a lunch.'

A final rehearsal in the afternoon ensured that they were all ready for the very exciting day to come.

On Tuesday 24th February the EGA Senior and Junior Choir, the EGA South Africa team and the Magoba students all jumped on a coach to Air Studios in Hampstead. There they had the amazing experience of recording their very own version of the R Kelly song 'The World's Greatest', produced by Guy Chambers. Brilliantly conducted and rehearsed by Allison Campbell the students were fantastic and the studio professionals were nothing but impressed with the standard of their singing. One student from each school also recorded a solo section. Helena Bonham Carter, our patron, was there to offer support and advice - and pose for a whole heap of selfies afterwards! It was a truly magical day - to see both groups of students working so hard together towards a collective goal really went to the heart of the vision of BOTH for the song itself and the short film we are making to accompany it!


Two of the Magoba students remembered the day like this:

'Today I went to EGA School and did an interview about my world. We go on the coach all way to Air Studios to record our signal with the London Children that goes to EGA. We recorded, sung and was fun.'

'We went to the studio to sing. We sang the song that was about ‘The world’s greatest’. It was nice in the studio. B and EGA student sang the song alone. Then one sister that is famous came to us to take a photo.'


The pictures here give you just a taste – just wait for the song itself and the short film we are making to accompany it!

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